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April 7, 2007

Peace and Photography

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Here’s part of an email that I sent Fran regarding this year’s Good Friday demonstration at Lockheed Martin, followed by her reply. In reading this, we should remember that there are many ways that we can contribute to peace.  Each person has their own gifts, which should be used as best they can.  I am grateful that Judith has chosen to use her gift to work for peace in this manner:

Hi Fran,

An interesting thing happened at the demonstration. A lady approached me and gave me her card, Judith Joy Ross. She is some sort of artist and photographer,with a gallery in Bethlehem, PA.  Her plan is to create a photography book of peace activists. She was carrying a huge wood camera that looks like my antique one, except bigger and heavier. There was a suitcase for the film – it takes flat 8×10 separately-cased wood sleeves of b&w film. I signed a release, and then she took much of her film case on me. I was holding a large gong, which I rang at the reading of each name of a Pennsylvanian solder killed in Iraq. Have I acquired the look that I feel? You can google her at “Judith Joy Ross” and see what you get. 

. . . . . . Fran’s Response . . . . .

Oh, Sweetie, she does amazing work. Had a write up in The New York Times just last year; exhibitions and permanent displays at major museums. Wow!

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