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June 16, 2024

Vets walking for Peace

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Yesterday I met with Veterans for Peace walking from Maine to DC. After a meal and program at Springfield Friends Meeting, some walkers slept overnight at the Meetinghouse. Today I returned to join them in walking from the Meeting to Media, PA. Good work, my friends.

March 30, 2024

Good Friday 2024 action at Lockheed Martin

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Good Friday action today at Lockheed Martin, world’s largest nuclear weapons contractor and war profiteer. We acted to stop the supply of weapons from Lockheed Martin (paid for by the U.S.) and promote a cease fire and real peace in Gaza and Israel/Palestine. I took part in a die-in at L-M’s entrance while holding a sign with the names of hundreds of children that are known dead in Gaza. We were arrested, booked and cited at the police station, and released. Brandywine Peace Community was joined by Red Letter Christians and others for a much larger event than usual.

‘Dead’ at Lockheed Martin
I’m ignoring these — whatever.

October 20, 2023

West Point Ethics of War Conference,  Oct 18-20

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The Ethics of War and Peace Conference held at West Point is a major event for me and I have attended all of them. This session asked of War: What is it good for?  I was surprised that the most common response was that it was not good for much these days. There was opportunity for much personal interaction. Fran focused on talking with the speakers, while I spent more time with the cadets.  One afternoon I wore my War is Not the Answer sweatshirt; at all other times I wore a button with that same message on my sport jacket.  I had an interesting discussion with our keynote speaker, Steven Pinker, and identified myself as a pacifist when speaking during the Q&A of a plenary session.

Speaking with Keynote Speaker Steven Pinker

Wearing my War Is Not the Answer shirt

Speaking at U.S. Customs House vigil for Senator Fetterman’s support for peace in Gaza, January 2024.

Signed for two certified letters from IRS today and used opportunity to explain to mailperson that as a pacifist I cannot pay for others to kill in my name (nearly half our federal tax goes to military-related costs) and redirect those taxes to life-affirming organizations

October 15, 2023

Prayerful vigil for healing and peace

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Fran and I organized a two-hour prayerful vigil for healing and peace between Israel and Palestine, held today at the Delaware County Courthouse in Media.  There were about fifteen present, and it seemed meaningful for all involved.  These are challenging times for so many, abroad and at home.

September 20, 2023

EQAT climate action at Vanguard

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Participated in a peaceful action yesterday with Earth Quaker Action Team at the home of the world’s largest pollution investor – Vanguard in Malvern. Next (9.30.2023) we’re back at Lockheed Martin, World’s Largest War Profiteer.

I’m in dark red holding banner

April 27, 2023

Annual Good Friday action at Lockheed Martin, world’s largest war profiteer and nuclear contractor.

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A number of us were civil disobedient by blocking their driveway and walking onto their property. In an unusual move, the police declined to formally arrest us but briefly detained us by escorting us individually to the side of the road and getting driver’s license information, then releasing us (no van ride to the station for booking).

In the hands of the law, once again.

April 20, 2023

Tax Day, and we won’t pay for war

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We sent our check for a partial amount of what we owe the government along with a letter explaining why we do this as a matter of conscience, and then sent the remainder to good causes. We refuse to pay the full amount of income tax because so much goes to war-related expenses. Paying others to kill in my name feels to me like doing it myself. We refuse and redirect a relatively small amount because at this point the IRS computer is on to us and, after a series of threatening letters they take it out of my social security check. But Thoreau has it right when he says that’s no excuse to do nothing.

November 17, 2022

Drone attack documentary filmed at Drone War Command Center, Horsham, PA

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I made the attached video documentary during our October 22 demonstration at the Drone War Command Center in Horsham. This is where Air Force pilots fly the planes that do our dirty work in other lands. Video particularly recreates the August 29 2021 attack by the United States that killed 10 civilians in Kabul, Afghanistan, including 7 children. Thanks to Carol Carmon for the camera and editing work. Released this just in time for Halloween — scary, but oh too real.

April 15, 2022

Good Friday Lockheed Martin and arrest, plus comments

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Today was the annual Good Friday action at Lockheed Martin (King of Prussia facility), the world’s largest nuclear weapons contractor and war profiteer. There was also signage and vocal recognition that today (April 15) was the traditional tax-due date, and that our taxes pay for this tragedy. When the peace readings had been completed, a number of those present risked arrest by temporarily blocking their entrance. Eventually three of us moved forward onto Lockheed Martin property in an attempt to deliver a copy of the U.N Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons to Lockheed Martin officials. We were stopped by Lockheed Martin security and the Upper Merion Police. I was able to hand deliver a copy of the Treaty to the head of Lockheed Martin security before being arrested along with two of my compatriots.

In the hands of the law.

November 18, 2021

Speaking with Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon – Nov 18 and July 15.

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Spoke again directly with my U.S. Representative Mary Gay Scanlon today (and also four months ago – see below) in a noon zoom appointment arranged by Friends Committee on National Legislation. There were ten of us, and focus was on Build Back Better bill (HR 5376) now in Congress, (more…)

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