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May 25, 2007

Away from it all, with solo backpacking

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I recently spent three days backpacking  the Tuscarora Trail on Blue Mountain.  I saw no one the whole time and had a great time.  It was pleasant and natural, and everything went well.  But it is curious some of the comments that I received.

  1. “Weren’t you scared?  Someone might attack you.”  Well, the most dangerous part of the trip was the drive getting there (northwest of Carlisle, PA), and next would be doing the errands that were required in preparation.  Why do folks see nature as so inherently scary,  absent the protective veneer of  “civilization?”  A few expressed concern about bears, which is a minimal risk compared to daily life.
  2. “No cell phone. Oh no!”   Somehow, cell phone communication equals civilization and makes everything Okay.
  3. “You didn’t talk to anyone the whole time?”  Well, there was no one else there.  “Didn’t you at least talk to the animals?”  Folks know that I’m a talker, but that doesn’t mean that I hallucinate or discuss things with Mr. Box Turtle.
  4. “Everyone needs a break from their spouse sometime.”  No, that’s not why I went backpacking.  I’d have loved if Fran could have come, but she had to work and I had a bit of free time between submitting semester grades and graduation.  Fran was supportive, and I’d have felt the same for her if the situation had been reversed.

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