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July 4, 2019

Stop explosive Mariner East pipeline, and more.

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Our action group occupied the potentially-explosive pipeline site at Sleighton Park on June 29. Members played ball and sang songs over the pipeline, returning the ground to its intended use as a public park. We want SAFE public parks and SAFE living space for all.  We left peacefully when the state police arrived and threatened us with arrest if (more…)

September 26, 2018

Are there Perambulations more than activism? Read here

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We’re much more than Quaker activists, so I’ll skip the latest news in that area and give other news about us. Fran and I are amateur mycologists and spent last Sunday (more…)

May 9, 2016

What is new this year, and the endless cycle of birth and death.

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Baby Jasper at Dan Berrigan's wake

It’s been a while since last posting. What is new? (Hint – this post is going to relate to family and the recent death of Daniel Berrigan.) Some things are ongoing – I could describe the usual actions with Brandywine Peace Community, including civil disobedience  (more…)

July 21, 2013

OUR MOVE – SIMPLICITY and its relationship to possessions, memory, freedom and the future.

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A post about moving and downsizing may seem mundane to readers, but our recent move to Media has been a mindful testimony of my attempt to transition to living a simpler life.  (more…)

December 31, 2012

My Memorial for my Mother (died at age 102), given 12/29/12

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I’d like to say some things about my Mom’s full life; others will likely say things more recent about her (recent, for my Mom’s life, is all relative. That might be things from grandchildren or great-grandchildren that cover only the past few decades or so). (more…)

August 6, 2012

Sex and Discipline

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No, I don’t mean “discipline” during sex. I’m referring to discipline regarding sexual activity, comparable to how we may seek to discipline ourselves in regard to our eating and sleeping behaviors.  It may seem strange/incongruous even to consider sexuality in terms of (more…)

July 26, 2012

Has women’s lib become women’s chains (comparable to men’s)?

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One of the greatest capitalist rip-offs of the second half of the 20th century was to convince women that they would be better off and happier being “liberated” to leave their families and to emulate the meaningless hamster-wheel work life (so falsely glamorized) that their mates “enjoyed.” So now we end up with (more…)

Is (was) Paul a survivalist? Yes and No.

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It’s interesting to consider that half a century ago, I had some things somewhat comparable to this rather over-the-top survivalist, stashed in the trunk of my car. I always kept (more…)

July 6, 2012

Calling all married/established activist couples – where are you?

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Fran and I do many of our social actions together as a couple. We have always done some things separately, but we are often together.  But in my experience we are the only married/established couple present (more…)

August 1, 2011

“How do you know when you’ve met the right one?”

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I was asked the following by a friend who is in the process of making life and relationship decisions: “How did you know when you met the right one?“ My response follows. (more…)

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