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November 30, 2013

Big Brother on wheels — watching you but ultimately protecting whom/what?

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Coming Soon (?) — Big Brother may have watchmen on patrol on your street and my street, as well as your workplace and other destinations, his ever-watching eyes keeping you (or maybe just Big Brother) safe. (more…)

November 29, 2013

Take Testosterone Drugs — be the Manly Man at any age. No thank you, BigPharma

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My Comment on this NYTimes article: Big-pharma marketing is both a health calamity and a financial calamity. Disease-mongering at its worst. But what can you expect as long as folks take the lazy-way out and tolerate government by corporate America? (more…)

November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 1621– A harvest celebration of new military allies

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The fall feast was sometime in late September or early October, with about one hundred of Massasoit’s Indians and less than half that number of English who had survived the previous disease-filled winter. It affirmed a recent peace treaty (more…)

November 17, 2013

Some folks take most of the resources and produce most of the toxins…for how long?

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“It (our inaction) is structural, based on the huge obligations we face from aging populations and other pressing needs for infrastructure, education, health care and the like.’ said the U.S. representative at a recent international climate conference. Hmmm, I thought it was the fact that we have by far the largest and most expensive military war-making machine (more…)

November 14, 2013

I confess! I did it! I studied polygraphs and taught others about it in General Psychology.

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1) Use of polygraphs was outlawed by our government a few decades ago because of the high error rate, particularly false positives that identified innocent people as likely liars. Significantly, after declaring this, government made an exception for government itself. (more…)

November 11, 2013

Big Brother is watching you

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“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”  I don’t hide and will speak outright. When the rich and powerful (more…)

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