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September 18, 2012

Energy, infrastructure, and the unholy god of profit over all.

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We’re back from Friends Center and a training session for peacekeepers/marshals for the Shale Gas Outrage non-violent rally and march this Thursday. Getting there and back served as an illustration of how our energy system and transportation system (so closely interlocked) have entered a suicidal spiral.  It was raining, and at Villanova (one of the richest towns in America) the decrepit train station was gushing torrents of water down holes in the roof and over non-functioning gutters. The train arrived late. We took our seats and then I became aware that I was wet and getting wetter. The train was significantly leaking water on me and other riders.  Some riders moved to other seats; I put my raincoat back on, inside the train. The conductor said he couldn’t collect my fare (or count me as a rider) because he had no ticket receipts to give in exchange for my money. We got to Suburban Station only somewhat less wet than those outside.  Later, after our meeting and when we had boarded the train for our return trip home, we had to exit and reboard two times before we were on a train that was prepared to leave the station. People say we need shale fracturing to provide energy and jobs? Ha, there is a crying need for plenty of jobs to provide decent public transportation that would make destroying our environment unnecessary and save countless lives. There is a need, but not the profit for those who run this country for their own careless greed.

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