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July 26, 2012

Gradualism and/or revolution in climate change? It’s not just about the whales anymore.

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Although any individual instance does not establish a trend, the pattern of an increasing number of hot days and weather extremes, along with other climate changes, unfortunately makes the climate-change danger irrefutably clear (except for a few in the pay of the 1%).

We won’t suddenly find that there’s no food. We won’t suddenly find ourselves swimming. But we will find that nothing seems to work right. Energy, transportation and communication will become less reliable and prone to lapses that require all sorts of “temporary” workarounds. Instance from article: When cooling water for an atomic power plant exceeded the 100 degree limit, they raised the limit to 102 degrees (temperature of the current water). The poor and working class will be the first to be significantly affected. This could pose the threat of major social disruption in this country, which would (if trends continue) be met by increased force and repression on those with the least financial resources and their supporters. Other countries (also suffering and unstable) will be blamed and false patriotism will echo the clarion call for war. Will we be able to know the truth and hold to it, or will our government’s repression of the truth result in either dictatorship or chaos?

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  1. We have heard all this for years now, and the current year is going particularly badly, but denial reigns among those in power, in order to maintain their power over the people. And the people will be in denial as long as they can, but there must come a limit as the decline continues. The consequences for some will be dire; for others, not so much. But will it ultimately be dire for those less well off or for the rich? There is fear of the other on both sides, and although there can be no real “winners” in such a contest, the result will change this land in a way that makes our fawning glorification of the “founding fathers” simply irrelevant. A new, and let us hope better, model will be in place.

    Comment by admin — July 26, 2012 @ 6:09 pm

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