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March 29, 2013

Good Friday arrest in the service of a peaceful world

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For several years I have joined members of the Brandywine Peace Community at Good Friday demonstrations outside the Lockheed Martin facility in King of Prussia, PA. Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest war profiteer and nuclear weapons manufacturer.

This annual peaceful action takes the form of a religious observance and includes a modified version of the Stations of the Cross. A few participants feel moved to carry their crosses and the Good Friday message of suffering humanity directly into the Lockheed Martin facility, to confront this suffering at its source.  On this occasion we were carrying the most recent list of Pakistani civilians killed by drones (a Lockheed Martin product) and ended up reading this list to the security forces that blocked our way. These peaceful actions usually result in arrest, and I was one of ten arrested today while on my knees in the Lockheed Martin driveway.

Search this blog for relevant information about previous arrests.  I feel called to faithfulness in the spirit of the original Plowshares Eight (including Dan and Phil Berrigan), who were arrested at this same facility in 1980.


  1. Before entering the paddy wagon, a policeman came up and asked what was in my (bulging) jacket pockets. I said
    “Nuts and cat cookies” which, upon reflection, may explain why/what they think of us demonstrators. I unloaded my jacket pockets under watchful eyes and was asked to leave my camera with someone. Melissa was nearby and held my camera until my release later at the police station. No one cared that I was carrying my cell phone (camera), and we enjoyed the Trader Joe cashews and cat cookies (shaped like curled-up cats) on our ride in the paddy wagon.

    My citation had the Criminal Trespass box checked under the Charges category. I am usually charged with Disorderly Conduct, despite being on my knees at time of arrest. When I noted this, the officer put an “x” over the Criminal Trespass box and added Disorderly Conduct. We’ll see what they make of this. Oh, and my citation is for Paul Sheldon III (guess someone can’t read my driver’s license).

    I arranged to hold my identification placard right next to my “Support our troops, Bring them home now” button for my mug shot. Lest we forget.

    Comment by admin — March 29, 2013 @ 4:12 pm

  2. From my Facebook post:

    Nicole Else-Quest: Wait, isn’t this the 2nd arrest for 2013? You’re so badass, Paul.

    Paul Sheldon: I’m now looking at arrest at Lockheed Martin as an expression of Faithfulness. Arrest should not be a goal in itself (a few Occupiers seemed more bent on arrest than thinking about the “why” of arrest). I experience this as an expression of Faithfulness to the cause of peace and as an expression of living outside the mindless control by our government. We shall see.

    Comment by admin — March 29, 2013 @ 7:03 pm

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