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January 31, 2018

Occupy PECO for green energy and local jobs

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Forty of us occupied PECO headquarters yesterday as part of an EQAT (Earth Quaker Action Team) campaign for solar energy and green jobs. After an hour of Quaker Meeting in their lobby, we left as planned when threatened with arrest.


February 14, 2015

“What would you do?” Building alternative communities, including chickens and bees.

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Bee-built comb from one of our top bar hives.

Bee-built comb from one of our top bar hives.

Much of this blog is concerned with criticism of national and international events. One might ask “Well, what do you propose?”  If I could answer that to people’s satisfaction, I’d be at the White House and UN, not typing this post.  On the other hand, it is a reasonable question and I have some ideas that I am testing. I am working toward (more…)

November 29, 2013

Take Testosterone Drugs — be the Manly Man at any age. No thank you, BigPharma

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My Comment on this NYTimes article: Big-pharma marketing is both a health calamity and a financial calamity. Disease-mongering at its worst. But what can you expect as long as folks take the lazy-way out and tolerate government by corporate America? (more…)

May 2, 2011

Genetically Modified Foods Pose Serious Risks (Fran’s post)

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Genetically modified (GM) foods aren’t produced in isolation. Pollen from GM plants finds its way to conventional plants, and there are serious consequences for traditional farmers and for wild plants. GM is done for many reasons other than directly “improving” the food. (more…)

April 16, 2011

My Comment on NYTimes column entitled “About My Support for Natural Gas.”

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Article states “The truth is, every problem associated with drilling for natural gas is solvable.” Ah, and isn’t that the American Way. Let’s see – there’s the Gulf Oil Spill for oil, and Three Mile Island for atomic energy, but where there’s a will, there is a way.  NOT in this country – there is no effective “will” because it will significantly cost the wealthy that control the decisions (and country) some of their profits. (more…)

March 11, 2010

Mother Nature never sleeps.

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The first week of March we spent a few days at Lake Nockamixon State Park while Villanova was on break. Hiking through the wintry snow was a lot of fun, particularly considering that this time we had rented a little cabin With Heat. We were the only ones there. We are amateur mycologists, and I was amazed to find a group of very fresh jelly-like mushrooms growing on a log almost buried in snow. Mushrooms can sprout and thrive at all times of the year, even in snowy winter. What a tribute to how Mother Nature never truly sleeps, but each species has its own time. How much fun, and how encouraging, to experience this on a wintry hike!

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