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March 25, 2012

Those in power write the history to suit their purpose.

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Back from a hike with Fran through Valley Forge. As an historical symbol, Valley Forge has always been a bit of a stretch for me, comparable to using a cracked Quaker bell to represent the Declaration of Independence. It was Washington’s winter quarters for one winter of the war, with the greatest loss of life arising from disease in the warmer spring weather due to unsanitary conditions at the encampment (there were no battle casualties). I noticed that the story of Valley Forge has changed from what I once was told. (more…)

March 15, 2012

Paul enters the political foray with a letter published in the Philadelphia Bulletin during the Vietnam War.

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One of my first forays into the public arena in support of truth and justice was my Letter to the Editor published in the Philadelphia Bulletin. My letter called for a Court Martial of General Curtis LeMay, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, for wanton disobeying of orders. (more…)

My life and education under the National Defense Education Act of 1958.

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About half a century ago, the U.S. government began to impose its will on education, big time. And I was a student unknowingly in the midst of it.  (The following quotes are from hi-lited links) “The National Defense Education Act of 1958 was the most important federal bill related to higher education since the 1862 Morrill Act”  “By 1958 the Soviet threat grew more immediate; (more…)

Grand theft capitalism — Record fuel prices coincide with record fuel stocks and refining capacity.

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Current record fuel costs are an obvious tactic to raise prices so as to get approval for short-term profit opportunities by owners of the energy industry.  Think of the power politics of the Keystone pipeline, fracking, and off-shore drilling – all pose enormous long-term risks for the environment and our health. Corporations want to make megabucks by selling more gas temporarily, while our children will pay (and pay and pay) for the mess later.

In return for enough money, we’ll name a building or program after you or your family.

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I have an issue with these feel good ceremonies for naming buildings and programs after wonderful wealthy donors. I’d be okay to name buildings and academic chairs after truly exceptional people, as role models. But giving a large sum of money does not put you in that category, even when you are a very nice person (more…)

Is the problem not enough medicine or too much medicine?

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The NYTimes identified overdiagnosis as a flaw in our health care. We don’t usually think about this issue, but the easiest medical response to any general complaint (I’m tired, achy, run down or the like) is to run a test (profit-making) and follow a standard procedure (profit-making)  in response to test results. (more…)

March 10, 2012

Freedom of Information Act – it’s such a democratic idea that our government has transformed it into an unworkable sham.

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Will my application under the Freedom of Information Act reveal any records for Paul Sheldon?  Pointless – if records existed, they would likely be classified as “blackballed” (exempt). (more…)

What is the responsibility of a member of the military?

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Fran and I were at Swarthmore College recently for a gathering entitled “Reflections on the Occupy Movement.” I spoke my mind on some things. Afterwards, I spoke with a student who is a senior at West Point. (more…)

Informing my family that I have met someone — Fran. (Our meeting is described elsewhere on this blog.)

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I called my older sister in Connecticut in late June 2002 because I always visit family in New England in August and needed to prepare her well in advance that a friend would likely be joining us. My sister is very cautious/traditional in this area, and also protective of me; it would require a delicate touch. (more…)

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