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March 10, 2012

Informing my family that I have met someone — Fran. (Our meeting is described elsewhere on this blog.)

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I called my older sister in Connecticut in late June 2002 because I always visit family in New England in August and needed to prepare her well in advance that a friend would likely be joining us. My sister is very cautious/traditional in this area, and also protective of me; it would require a delicate touch. I was prepared to describe Fran’s various virtues.

Me: “I’ve met a nice person and I think it might be serious and you might be meeting her when I’m up in August.”

Sister: “Oh, that’s so nice. When did you meet her?”

Me: “Oh, a while ago.”

Sister: “That’s nice. How long ago is a while?”

Me: “Oh, I don’t remember too well. She’s really neat (she gives me memory lapses?)”

Sister: “That’s okay; about how long?”

Me: “About a week ago.”

Sister: “……..oh. That’s nice. A week or more?”

Me: “A week or less. Actually (seeing that my goose is cooked and we’ve got to get beyond this), about four days ago, but we talked on the phone a lot in advance. She’s really different. And of course, she has no idea that she might be coming up to New England, so I’m not certain. Just wanted to let you know about this.” (Fortunately, she did not ask for how long the phone conversations had been going on.)

Sister: “How did you meet?”

Me: “We met for a rainy-night hike in the woods. She’s very bright and physical.” (Should not have added the word physical; might have given a misimpression.)

Sister: “That’s where you first met her…in the woods one night?” (Well, yes and no.)

Me: “Well, we first made contact on (oops, my sister is no-tech — no cell phone and no computer in 2012). That’s what folks do nowadays.”

Sister: “Yes, I’ve heard. I’m so happy for you both.” (Did I say that my sister is extremely polite and gracious?)

Anyway, we arranged for Fran’s vacation trip to intersect with mine, so that she did visit with the family. My sister gave us separate bedrooms (that’s got to be for putting up a good show – it’s hardly effective.)

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  1. Fran visits with the family in August, as I had supposed. Fran and her son leave from my sister’s beach house in Connecticut for Philadelphia immediately after lunch, and the family returns to the table for dessert after seeing her off. There are side conversations among the eight or so of us until I speak out “Well, what do folks think of her?” Silence. Finally, my daughter Amy speaks out “I think she’s just right for you.” I say “I think she’s a keeper” and we continue with our dessert.

    Comment by admin — March 10, 2012 @ 7:07 pm

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