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April 6, 2011

“sometimes I think this is not america.”

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 I received this email today concerning a young Nepalese boy at South Philadelphia High School, as follows: 

Yesterday, April-4-11 all most all of the Nepali boys went to play soccer at 4th and Oregon st. We had a fun night and we were coming home. on the way all of us went our way to our houses. After that we were 8 of them coming the same way. It was me, sovit, my brother and 5 others … we were coming and my friends wanted to go to a store near there so they did. We were waiting for them and a bunch of s Cambodian and African/Americans came along. they kept on walking and they passed us but one of them came and started to say bad words and started to say you must leave this place right now. We said we are just waiting for our friends but they started to say you better leave or you will die.After all our friends came out side. We started to walk away with out any troubles but they suddenly came back and started to say you want to fight and saying lots of bad words. We still walked away but shortly they attacked us. Some of our friends ran away. I was going to run but they beat me too. they punched me all over the place accept my face. Some friends how didn’t run they got beat up. i was bleeding from my knee and i was not able to get us at that point but still i ran away. We didn’t do any thing to them and we got beat up. sometimes i think this is not america. This all happened at 5th and potter at 8:20 pm…. I just wanted to share this horrible beat up.

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