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June 26, 2011

Do you choose to sing or not sing the Star Spangled Banner?

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This CNN Belief Blog discusses the reaffirmation at Goshen College to not play the Star Spangled Banner at athletic events. For some people our national anthem is seen as so militaristic as to be offensive to religious conscience and not good for this country.

It’s no secret that for reasons of conscience I neither sing the Star Spangled Banner nor do I recite the Flag Pledge. I stand respectfully quiet in such instances. I am much relieved that Goshen College, after much public deliberation, reversed its decision of last year and chose to continue its practice of not playing the Star Spangled Banner before athletic events. As is pointed out in the article, “These convictions do not reflect ingratitude or hatred for our country.” It’s a shame that folks feel they must deny the fact that we view these behaviors as that of responsible citizens who do what we believe is best for everyone. This right is protected by the First Amendment. I regret (but am not really that surprised, seeing that I’ve been there personally) all the venomous and hateful comments that this article received on CNN.

I will gladly say the Flag Pledge when this country does have “liberty and justice” for all. Otherwise, I’d feel like I was lying.  I am grateful to all who have worked and suffered for the cause of true peace. As a pacifist, I am actively working to reduce such suffering, now and in the future.


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