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July 4, 2011

Moral Patriotism — is it an oxymoron?

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It is natural to form a special attachment to family, friends and surroundings, whether we are Americans, Chinese, Bangladeshi, whatever. But must our individual welfare come at the expense of those living elsewhere? In the short view, it often seems that way. In the long view, we all stand on the same land and share the same water and air. Thus, as a patriotic American wanting the best for my compatriots, I am also a citizen of this world, and my extended country is this earth. I cannot rightfully injure any of us, or destroy our lands. Jesus put this nicely, as did many other religious leaders.

I’veĀ got my Peace Flag flying as usual, while Fran is making ice cream from part of the three quarts of wild raspberries we picked yesterday (and we bear the punctures to prove it). Enjoy and appreciate the freedoms that we have; be vigilant against their loss to the Corporate States of American and the World. Have a Great 4th!



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