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November 30, 2013

Big Brother on wheels — watching you but ultimately protecting whom/what?

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Coming Soon (?) — Big Brother may have watchmen on patrol on your street and my street, as well as your workplace and other destinations, his ever-watching eyes keeping you (or maybe just Big Brother) safe. Don’t be misled by intentionally goofy R2-D2 appearance as if protecting school kids from a potential Sandy Hook.  This could become drones on wheels, complete with facial recognition. Protected stationary sites and overhead drones keep track of on-the-ground drones and protect them. Use Sedgway-style mobile drones and ambient tripods for more demanding terrains. Attacked drones self-destruct if necessary (including the attackers, of course). Oh, but wait, what this is all about is protecting little school children from a deranged individual with guns…that’s the purpose and where all the marketing and profit lies (lies…but of course).

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